International Students Excelled at the just Ended 2019 University Games

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International Students Excelled at the just Ended 2019 University Games

This year’s annual sports festival was based on the theme; Integration, exchange, mutual respect, unity and hard work. Indeed, every participant exhibited these qualities with pride. Penjiaping Campus hosted the games this year from April 29 to April 30, 2019 and as usual the stadium was full of so much excitement as each school cheered on their teams to victory.
Eighty-five international students from 23 countries, including Vietnam, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Russia, actively participated in volleyball, basketball, badminton, cheerleading and track and field competitions. The School of International Education took second place in group events such as cheerleading and men’s volleyball competition. Vietnamese student TRAN THI NGAT won first position in the women’s high jump competition and also Pakistani students HUSSAIN SADDAM and ULLAH HANIF won the first and runner-up respectively in men’s long-distance softball throw competition. In addition, the School of International Education received the Sports Fair Play Award.
In order to further demonstrate the achievements and the significance of the opening of the School of International Education to the outside world as well as promoting interactions between Chinese and foreign students, the University has encouraged international students to actively participate in the competitions. This has strengthened the responsibility of the School of International Education in directing and managing international students to be fully committed in offering their service to the school. As a result, the students were very much disciplined, properly mobilized and offered their service in an enthusiastic manner.
In summary, International students were described as very composed and respectful not only to their opponents, but the referees as well as every party involved. Indeed, they demonstrated the spirit of friendship, unity and enterprise and have shown their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in any campus activity to the length necessary as far as the university is concerned.


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