International Students Men’s Volleyball team won third place in the volleyball competition of the 2019 University Games.

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On April 3, 2019, the volleyball games of the 2019 university games ended successfully at Nancun Volleyball Stadium on Pengjiaping Campus. The men’s volleyball team of the School of International Education represented by international students won the third place after a fierce competition.

In the early group and knockout stages, School of International Education, represented by international students’ men’s volleyball team performed well. The team entered the semi-finals with a 4-1 record and a 2-1 total victory over School of Energy and Power Engineering in the quarter finals. However, after series of competitive games, they won the third place by a 2-0 overwhelming advantage over School of Material Science and Engineering.

This year is the second time in a row for international students to participate in volleyball matches. The men’s and women’s volleyball teams have participated in the games and did very well. The school of international education attaches great importance to arranging meticulous pre-competition training of various sports groups, participating on time and encouraging international students to fight tenaciously. The volleyball players constantly improved their game strategies and corrected their own mistakes, showing a good spirit of sportsmanship in the competition, most importantly activating the international students’ sports cultural atmosphere and enriching the cultural life of international students. The competition not only fully mobilized the enthusiasm of international students to participate in campus activities, promoted the interaction between Chinese and foreign students, but also demonstrated good spiritual style of international students by respecting their opponents, respecting judges, uniting and daring to fight.

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