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1. Are there any programs taught in English?

Sorry. Only Chinese-taught programs are offered currently.

2. Do I need to pay an application fee?

Chinese government scholarship students do NOT need to pay the application fee while other scholarships and self-funded students have to pay an application fee of 400RMB and it is not refundable. Please pay close attention to the status in the application system and pay the application fee as soon as possible or your application will be regarded as invalid.

3. Is there any scholarship offered for Chinese language students? 

No. Chinese language programs are on a self-funded basis.

4. Can I apply for a Chinese government scholarship without a HSK certificate?

You can apply CSC scholarships either through an embassy or the University. To get a CSC scholarship from the Embassy, you are not necessarily required to provide a HSK certificate. You’d better get a pre-admission letter from us so that the chance of winning the scholarship is higher. But if you apply for a scholarship directly from the University, a HSK 3 or above is a must for undergraduate programs while a HSK 4 or above is necessary for master’s and doctoral programs. 

5. Does Chinese government scholarship cover plane tickets?

Most of Chinese government scholarships do not cover plane tickets. But some programs which you apply via the embassy do provide tickets. Please consult the embassy directly for more information. 

6. If I have been admitted but I cannot come to study this semester, can I postpone the enrollment to next semester or next year?

No. In that case you need to apply again next time.

7. Is it possible to change my major after being admitted as a CSC student?

CSC students are NOT allowed to change majors once admitted.

8. I got admitted at LUT under Chinese government scholarship but I want to transfer to other universities, is it allowed?

CSC students are not allowed to transfer unless he/she gives up the scholarship.

9.  I got a bachelor degree in one of the liberal arts, can I choose a science or engineering program to do my master’s degree?

 Yes you can. But chances of being admitted and getting scholarships are small.

10. What should I pay attention to while filling out the online application?

Please make sure your personal information is correct to avoid troubles while applying for a visa. Besides, fill out the form with detailed mailing address so that the admission documents can be delivered successfully.

11. Why was my online application returned back to me (unqualified)?

That’s because there are some mistakes in your application form or you haven’t uploaded all the required documents. In that case, you’ll find a message in your mailbox. Please correct them and resubmit the form. Your application might also be turned down if you fail to meet the requirements of the University. 

12. Do I need to mail the documents to the University?

Considering the inconvenience for mailing application documents during the COVID-19 epidemic, we’ve decided NOT to collect hard copies this year.

13. What should I do after I finish the online application?

We will send you an email regarding WeChat interview once you pass the initial review. Please add us on WeChat and send us your nationality and passport number to the designated WeChat account and be punctual to attend the interview.

14. I’d like to pursue a degree. Can I apply for spring intake?

The degree-pursuer can only start classes in fall semester. But students who would like to attend one semester Chinese language program are accepted in spring semesters.

15. How to check my application status?

Non-CSC applicants please log in to LUT online application system for updates. CSC applicants please check your status by email.

16. When can I know the admission result?

Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks to get the admission documents completed for self-funded programs. The admission results for scholarships, however, vary from 1 to 5 months. You’ll find the result by checking LUT online application system or sending emails.

17. When should I pay tuition fee? May I pay a portion of tuition fee at a time?

    1. You should pay tuition before or on registration date via remittance or POS. And you are required to pay for at least one semester at a time.



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