Insurance Plan

insurance plan

All international students enrolled at LUT must purchase Comprehensive Medical Insurance. Failure to meet such requirement will result in withdrawal from LUT. Insurances purchased from students’ home countries cannot substitute the Comprehensive Medical Insurance required for international students.

Ping’an Insurance Company of China will serve as the only carrier of Comprehensive Medical Insurance for international students. China’s Ministry of Education will only cover the insurance for students entitled to Chinese Government Scholarship while other students who are not on scholarship shall pay insurance themselves.

Date of effectiveness: One-year Insurance for students under the Chinese Government Scholarship will be effective from mid-night Aug 25 to 24:00 Aug 24, next year. Six-month insurance for these students will be effective from mid-night Aug 25 till 24:00 Feb 24, next year, or from midnight Feb 24 to 24:00 Aug 24.


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insurance plan

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